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Weissman DB, Gray DA. 2019. Crickets of the genus Gryllus in the United States (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Gryllinae). Zootaxa 4705(1):1-277.

Year Published: 2019

Gryllus field and wood crickets of the United States, mostly west of the Mississippi River, are reviewed and revised. We validate the following 18 Gryllus cricket names: G. armatus, G. assimilis, G. brevicaudus, G. cayensis, G. cohni, G. firmus, G. fultoni, G. integer, G. lineaticeps, G. multipulsator, G. ovisopis, G. pennsylvanicus, G. personatus, G. rubens, G. texensis, G. veletis, G. vernalis, and G. vocalis. We synonymize G. alogus under G. vocalis. We designate a lectotype for G. armatus. We describe the following 17 new Gryllus species: G. chisosensis, G. leei, G. lightfooti, G. longicercus, G. makhosica, G. montis, G. navajo, G. planeta, G. regularis, G. saxatilis, G. sotol, G. staccato, G. thinos, G. transpecos, G. veintinueve, G. veletisoides, and G. vulcanus. We present biology, distribution, and genetic analysis of all taxa and discuss their nearest relatives. [link to publication]