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Work Study Position in GIS Data Analysis

Project Description: The Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network Digital Atlas Project, under the Jasper Ridge Science for Land Stewardship Initiative, is currently seeking student support to aid in the evaluation and selection of a wide range of biological, environmental, socioeconomic, and other spatial datasets to include in the Digital Atlas.  A primary step in the Atlas development is incorporating existing data that can aid in characterizing current ecosystem health and provide a baseline for monitoring health in the future.  Spatial data which are relevant to these goals have been produced and are publicly available through a number of entities, from local to federal agencies, nonprofits, and GIS databases and clearinghouses.   A draft list of data needs has been created, but evaluating which publically-available data best meet these needs requires further work.  In addition, the identification of data gaps within public data, either due to a lack of data altogether or a lack of data of sufficient quality/resolution to serve our needs, is a crucial prerequisite to identifying what data we may prioritize creating. 

Project duties will consist of 1) researching spatial datasets to address specific Atlas needs, such as portraying fire risk or biodiversity hotspots within the Santa Cruz Mountains Region, and 2) developing and applying an evaluation framework for assessing the quality and applicability of datasets for their potential use in the Atlas.

The expected workload is 10 hrs per week, with the option to work remotely for many/most of those hours.  

Qualifications: Prior experience with GIS is beneficial, but not a requirement to apply for this position. An interest in data organization will aid the successful candidate.

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For more information, email Kelly Chauvin (
Kelly McManus Chauvin, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, SCMSN Digital Atlas Project
Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve
Biology Department
Stanford University