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Herbivory on soap plant <i>(Chlorogalum pomeridianum)</i>
Herbivory on soap plant (Chlorogalum pomeridianum)
Soap Plant, Chlorogalum pomeridianum, is an abundant, large bulb plant in many areas of Jasper Ridge. It is subject to substantial herbivory of both its leaves and inflorescence. In February 2009 Rodolfo Dirzo began a study of herbivory on this species at 4 sites across Jasper Ridge. Each site was near a camera trap location used during an earlier 3-year population study of large mammals. Two of the sites were chosen because the camera trap data indicated a relatively high population of deer and rabbits. The other 2 sites were chosen because camera trap data indicated a relatively low population of deer and rabbits. At each site the study involves plants with and without exclosure protection, plants with and without previous herbivory, and a transect of additional plants.

At each site 3 soap plants in close proximity, usually 1 to 2 meters apart, were identified as a triplet, and each triplet was replicated 10 times. One of the plants in the triplet was chosen because it ... Read More

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JRBP Annual Report
The 2014 - 2015 Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Annual Report is now available online in PDF format.

Download the Annual Report.
    JRBP 2014 - 2015 Annual Report

Local teacher receives Presidential award
Jasper Ridge and Eastside Field Studies collaborating teacher, Alma Suney Park, has been honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching! Congratulations to Suney and all of the hardworking students from Eastside.

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is awarded annually to outstanding K-12 science and mathematics teachers from across the country.

Chris Field honored with Max Planck Research Prize
Climate scientist Chris Field, Jasper Ridge faculty director and the Melvin and Joan Lane Professor in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at Stanford, has been honored with a Max Planck Research Prize for his contributions to expanding our knowledge of the impact and consequences of global warming. The prize ceremony will take place in Berlin in November.

Read the full announcement on the Max Planck Institute website

Stanford student talks about new JR solar home at TEDx
Derek Ouyang at TEDx The Stanford Solar Decathlon home -- designed and built by a team of Stanford students and part of a nationwide competition -- is coming to Jasper Ridge as the future home of the resident ranger family. Derek Ouyang, the student project manager, appeared at a recent TEDx talk to share the team's vision for the home they are building.

See a video of the full talk at YouTube

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Celebrates 40 Years
Sun Field Station at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Since 1973, research conducted at the preserve has transformed fundamental ecology science. Now, interdisciplinary studies are providing more guidance than ever on how to apply that work to help conserve the planet.

Read full article at Stanford News

Reimagining Science's Public Image
Scientists have their work cut out for them when it comes to communicating with the public, according to distinguished speakers at a recent panel celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. "The messenger is just as important as the message," said Jane Lubchenco, former NOAA head. Scientists need to be "bilingual" in "the language of science and the language of lay people," and tell compelling stories with clear metaphors and analogies, she said.

The panel also included Chris Field, biology professor and Stanford Woods Institute senior fellow, and Adam Lowry, co-founder of Method home care products.

Read full article at Woods Institute for the Environment

Tad Fukami & Bio44Y class win Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction
Bio44Y Student at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Stanford's Biology 44Y – an innovative undergraduate class that meets at Jasper Ridge – helps students do science by practice, with a focus on plant-pollinator-microbe interactions as a model system.

AAAS Video and News Release

Read Fukami's essay Integrating Inquiry-Based Teaching with Faculty Research at Science.

Learn more about Fukami's research

JRBP ant survey – keeping an eye on ants for 20 years
JRBP Ant Survey Long-running research project at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve now uses volunteers to track the spread of invasive Argentine ants and monitor their impact on populations of native ant species.

Full story at San Jose Mercury News   |   Learn about the project

Chris Field speaks at U.S. Senate hearing on climate change
Chris Field speaks at Senate hearing Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve faculty director Chris Field spoke August 1 at a U.S. Senate hearing where he warned of the increased risk of heat waves, droughts and heavy precipitation due to climate change. "It is critical to understand that the link between climate change and the kinds of extremes that lead to disasters is clear," said Field in his testimony before the Senate. Field is a Senior Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment fellow, Stanford professor of biology and environmental Earth system science, and director of the Department of Global Ecology at the Carnegie Institution for Science. He is also co-chair of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group.

Read full article at Stanford News     |     Climate research at Jasper Ridge

JRBP wildlife cameras and wireless network featured on KGO-TV
coyotes canis latrans "Life after dark in a Bay Area forest," produced by ABC7 News/KGO-TV, takes a look at camera trapping and the outdoor wireless network at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.

Watch video

Performance artist Ann Carlson offers unique view of Jasper Ridge
JRBP 2002 Annual Report Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve recently hosted Picture Jasper Ridge: A Performance Hike – a 70-minute "tableau vivante" experience combining a walk in the preserve with actors recreating historic photos near the actual locations where the photos were taken.

Picture Jasper Ridge is the work of Ann Carlson, an American dancer, choreographer, and performance artist. Carlson is currently in residence with the Stanford University Drama Department for the
2011-12 academic year and is the inaugural visiting artist at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve during the Winter Quarter.

Read more at Stanford News

Successful prescribed burn at JRBP
The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), in collaboration with Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, conducted a small, prescribed burn inside the preserve's main entrance on Sand Hill Road on Monday, July 18, 2011. The prescribed burn was confined to just 1.2 acres of grassland and provided a range of benefits for management and research.

More information, including videos and photos, is available at


JRBP Mission Statement
The mission of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is to contribute to the understanding of the Earth's natural systems through research, education, and protection of the Preserve's resources. More

The Leslie Shao-ming Sun Field Station: Award Winning Solar Green Building
The Leslie Shao-ming Sun Field Station at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is a building designed to minimize its energy consumption and to maximize use of solar energy

Download the Sun Field Station brochure (PDF)

Click here to see the building energy monitor

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