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Purchase Herb Dengler Wildflower Prints

The paintings in this collection of wildflower watercolors were done by Herb Dengler in the 1980s and 1990s from specimens gathered on Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. They are printed on an Iris printer in a limited edition of 250, each numbered and containing an engraved authentication. The giclee reproductions, printed on acid free paper, are available for purchase for $90 each for 1-3 prints, $75 each for 4-23 prints, and $1,500 for a complete set of all 24 prints in an attractive acid-free portfolio. Each print measures 8 ½ by 16 ¾ inches. Prices include sales tax.

Money from the sale of the prints benefits Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. To order prints, contact Tor Lund, (650) 851-1072 or


01 - Aquilegia formosa

Western Crimson Columbine

02 - Aster chilensis

Common California aster

03 - Calochortus albus

White globe lily

04 - Calochortus luteus

Yellow mariposa lily

05 - Calochortus venustus

White mariposa lily

06 - Castilleja affinis

Indian paintbrush

07 - Clarkia purpurea var viminea

Large godetia


08 - Clarkia rubicunda


09 - Clarkia unguiculata

Elegant clarkia


10 - Cynoglossum grande

Hound's tongue

11 - Delphinium patens

Spreading larkspur

12 - Delphinium variegatum

Royal larkspur

13 - Dodecatheon hendersonii

Mosquito bills

14 - Eriophyllum lanatum

Woolly sunflower

15 - Fritillaria lanceolata

Checker lily

16 - Helianthella californica

California helianthella

17 - Iris douglasiana

Douglas' iris

18 - Lilium pardalinum

Leopard / Tiger lily

19 - Lupinus nanus

Valley sky lupine

20 - Mimulus aurantiacus

Sticky monkeyflower

21 - Mimulus cardinalis

Scarlet monkeyflower

22 - Monardella villosa



23 - Silene californica

California Indian pink

24 - Trillium chloropetalum

Giant trillium


About Herb Dengler

photograph at left:  "Herb Dengler: Searsville 1997" by Leo Holub

For many, Herb Dengler was a link to the time before the dawn of Silicon Valley, when people marked their travel by the shape of the hills, not by freeway signs. A true native, he spent his ninety years walking the Santa Cruz Mountains, particularly Jasper Ridge and Portola Valley, coming to know all its inhabitants–butterflies, fishes, birds, trees, flowers, and people. He loved sharing his knowledge with family, friends, Stanford students, Jasper Ridge docents and visitors. He persistently sought to protect the wildlands while leaving a place for people within it. 

He taught the first class of Jasper Ridge docents, helped found the Portola Valley Conservation Committee, and built many trails throughout the area, allowing easy access to the beauty around us. In 1997, the Palo Alto Senior Coordinating Council honored him as having lived a "Lifetime of Achievement." In 1999, he was the honoree at Portola Valley's annual celebration of community and open space, "Blues and Barbecue." 

Herb's other great love was art. From an early age, he drew and painted butterflies, fish, birds, and wildflowers. This was during an era when biologists were expected to be competent artists. For many decades, Herb ran a framing and art gallery in Burlingame, later in Palo Alto. He was a well-known restorer of paintings and an expert in Western art. 

Herb combined these two great loves in his home and in his own art and writings. For more than fifty years, he and his family lived among the redwoods along Sausal Creek in Portola Valley in a house full of beautiful paintings and prints. His articles and drawings on natural and local history were published in local papers, the Stanford magazine and Peninsula Open Space Trust's Landscapes.