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Applications, Permits & Protocols


Researchers should submit individual permit applications and proposals at least four weeks in advance to study the serpentine grassland, and two weeks in advance for work in other communities. The preserve's executive director and advisory committee must approve all research proposals before work begins.

The Assoc. Director for Research reviews the applications to ensure that proposed projects will neither conflict with ongoing work nor compromise the integrity of the preserve or the future health of its habitats.

Projects that involve experimental manipulations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis; in general, manipulations must be small either in scale or effect. To lessen impacts to the serpentine grassland and other sensitive areas, research policies emphasize the use of less intrusive field markers and techniques, replacing them where possible by remote approaches.


Educational use requests are accepted for college-level classes only and preference will be given to field classes and Stanford University Classes. Instructors should schedule class visits at least two weeks in advance. JRBP regulations must be followed at all times and students must be accompanied by a JRBP permit holder at all times.

Bio105A/B Esys105A/B 

Developed in 1975, the docent program now consists of close to 120 Stanford students and community members, some of whom have participated since the program's beginning.  Bio105A/B is an upper division, 4unit class and counts in the major for both Biology and Earth Systems. Students undergo rigorous training through formal lectures and field work as well as seminar series designed to enhance their understanding of the site's history, ecology, and current research. In addition to leading thousands of visitor on tours each year, docents undertake a variety of special projects that aid research and instructional use. More about Bio105A/B (docent program).

Student Ranger Program

The ranger program at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is an opportunity for students and community members to participate in protecting the preserve. The primary function of the rangers is to patrol the JRBP perimeter and trail system on mountain bikes. The ranger program encourages all interested persons to apply for positions. Applications are accepted anytime, however the primary selection and training occurs at the beginning of fall quarter each academic year.

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Online Application Forms

  • Individual Permit Application or Data Request
    This application is to request individual access to the preserve as a researcher, docent, teaching assistant, ranger,  or to obtain data from JRBP for research purposes.
  • Stanford class use permit application
    This permit is for Stanford University class instructors to request access to the preserve for a Stanford course. This is not for individual access.

Permission to Enter and Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Waiver Form

To be signed by any person (or parent/guardian of if applicant is a minor) who is not a registered student or current employee of Stanford University who wishes to enter Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. 

Download (PDF format)
Ver el waiver / permiso en español 

Transportation Reimbursement Policy for Students

For Stanford students, please contact us about transportation to and from the main campus if you are engaged in an academic or educational activity at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. 

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