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Individual Permit Application

Please complete all of the fields that apply to you, being sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of this page when done.

Required fields are marked with *

Basic Info
Enter your first name.
If applicable, enter your middle initial.
Enter your last name.
Enter your Stanford University ID (i.e., jdoe).
Enter your primary phone number.
If applicable, enter the your cell phone number.
If applicable, enter your fax number.

Mailing Address

Enter your primary mailing address.

Select International for non-U.S. addresses
If applicable, enter the individual's Stanford mail code (i.e., 4321).
If your mailing address is outside of the United States, use this field to enter your international mailing address.
Professional Information
Select the type of permit that you are requesting.
Enter your institution (i.e., Stanford University).
Enter your department (i.e., Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve).
If applicable, enter your related website link.
Emergency Contact
Enter the first and last name of your emergency contact.
Enter your relationship to your emergency contact (i.e., Parent, Friend, Colleague etc.).
Enter your emergency contact's phone number.
Project / Thesis Info
If you are applying to be a researcher or are a graduate/undergraduate working on a project at Jasper Ridge, please complete the information in this section. Otherwise, the completion of this information is not required.
Enter the title of the project and/or thesis.
Select your academic status.
Select the degree you are seeking.
If applicable, enter the course title for which you will be receiving credit.
Enter the name of your advisor.
Enter the name of your principal investigator.
Provide the statement of purpose for your research and/or visit.
If you plan to mark a study area or study subject, enter an explanation.
If you will need to alter the environment of the marked study area, please specify further as to what alterations will be made.
If you are planning to trap live animals and/or collect any specimens, please specify further, as special permits may be required.
Enter the location of the field area.
Contract / Grant Info
If the following information is applicable, please complete the fields as necessary.
Enter the name of your principal investigator.
Enter the name of your related agency.
Enter the grant or contract identification number.
Enter the amount of the grant.
Enter the title of the grant.
Select the start date of the grant.
Select the end date of the grant.
Enter the approximate percentage of grant work to be completed at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
Important Privacy Information
I grant Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve permission to share my contact information with other JRBP Affiliates via the password-protected Affiliates section of the JRBP web site, or on printed contact lists distributed internally. Contact information will ONLY be available to other JRBP Affiliates, not the general public.