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Jasper Ridge Environmental Education Scholar Award


The Jasper Ridge Environmental Education Scholar Award recognizes students who have engaged in meaningful environmental education activities at or related to Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.  The award is given annually to a student who, through their leadership, best exemplifies Jasper Ridge’s commitment to education, outreach, and inclusivity to build and sustain a dynamic community for learning.  The Award will recognize and honor outstanding environmental education and outreach of students who integrate service to the community.

These scholars will have demonstrated exceptional commitment to building or continuing to provide inclusive environmental education and outreach activities through their participation at Jasper Ridge and/or student organizations, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, participation in professional meetings and/or research.  Pertinent activities could include, but are not restricted to, those with Stanford University student organizations or with educational and outreach programs that involve the broader Jasper Ridge community. The activities should be related to promoting outdoor environmental education to wide audiences including historically underserved groups in STEM fields.

Awardees will embody one of the primary pillars of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, education. They will be recognized for their positive contributions to maintaining and strengthening the Stanford community and environmental awareness globally.

Consideration for the Jasper Ridge Environmental Education Scholar Award requires nomination. Students may be nominated by other students, faculty, or staff or may self-nominate.

The selection of the prize recipient will be based on

  • outstanding academic achievement,
  • a demonstrated contribution to environmental education,
  • evidence of commitment to providing environmental education and outreach opportunities to broader audiences and historically under-represented groups in STEM fields.

Please e-mail your letter of nomination to Jorge Ramos ( and include the following information: name of student, in what capacity you know them, and why they would be appropriate recipients of the award. For further questions contact Jorge Ramos.  The deadline for nominations is Friday May 20, 2022 and award will be announced in early June.

Recipients will receive a cash prize. Eligible students are all undergraduate and co-term students involved in an active educational and outreach programs or partnerships relevant to Jasper Ridge.


2022: Bianca Silva Santos

2021: Sydney Lee Schmitter and Sriram R Narasimhan



If this is your first time writing a letter of nomination or support for an award, please review the resources below:

These resources were compiled and shared by the many wonderful students of the Diversity & Inclusion in the Geosciences (DIG) Stanford Course class of 2021 led by Dr. Lauren Abrahams and Dr. Joseph Tumber-Dávila.

From different institutions