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Bio 105/Esys 105 Ecology and Natural History of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

Alan Launer and BIO 105 students during fish day

​In 1975, Jasper Ridge began developing community education programs that would enhance educational opportunities for both the university and the community. In 1977, Stanford students were incorporated into the docent program and a formal, rigorous class was established, now Biology 105A/B Earth Systems 105 A/B. During academic year 2018/19, the JRBP education program included more than 100 active affiliates/docents comprised of a mix of Stanford students and local community. JRBP docents provide field -based education and are trained to "teach on the trail" with meaningful curricula to serve a very broad age range.  Class description and enrollment information here 

JR affilates also have opportunities to work with researchers and some projects at the preserve are carried out entirely by volunteers with staff oversight. For many years, members of the JRBP community have conducted regular bird surveys and produced invaluable bird lists and data bases. Volunteer efforts are also responsible for the outstanding teaching collection in JRBP's Oakmead Herbarium, insect collection, bird census, ant survey, K-12 outreach and more.

Biology 105 and the Jasper Ridge community illustrate the committment of both instructors and students alike to provide opportunities for inquiry-based education in ecology and provide a bridge between education (both formal and informal) and the volunteer base of the preserve.


Richard Nevle and Bio 105 students Each one Teach one


For more information about Biology 105 A/B Earth Systems 105 A/B contact:

Jorge Ramos, Ph.D., Associate Director for Environmental Education

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

Office: (650) 529-1329

Work Mobile: (650) 441-0685


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