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Virtual Tour of Sun Field Station

Sun Field Station at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

Click Here To Launch Virtual Tour


Use your mouse to pan left, right, up and down. The VR tour allows you a nearly 360-degree view from various fixed points in and around the Sun Field Station. Don't miss the view from the roof!

Look for this icon:         
VR Tour Icon


 Clicking on the icon above allows you to navigate from one location to another - from outside
the building to inside, for example.                            
The VR Tour requires that you have a HTML 5-compatible browser (such as Safari for iOS 5) or
the free Adobe Flash Player. Click Here to download Flash. 

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Sun Field Station VR Tour               
Special thanks to the following students from the Hawaii Preparatory Academy for creating the virtual tour:

  • Mariko Thorbecke
  • Phong Hoang
  • Bo Bleckel
  • Duncan Michael
  • Zane Moran