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Tour protocols at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve during COVID 19 restrictions


In conformance with current county, state, and Stanford guidelines, as of March 30, 2022, restrictions to use of Jasper Ridge by visitors have been relaxed relative to protocols that were in place earlier in the pandemic. These requirements are subject to change as county, state, and Stanford University requirements evolve. Current protocols are as follows.




  • Docents can now use their access cards to visit the preserve during daylight hours anytime they want to review for a tour, etc.  That is, these kinds of “docent refresher” visits (i.e., those that involve only a docent plus no more than two companions) can take place any day, not just on Sunday—no need to schedule them in advance. 

  • However, note that all tours other than refresher visits—even tours you might organize yourself—still have to be arranged in advance using the Contact Us webform.

  • Also, please note that you should continue to use the paper trail registers to record your “refresher” visits.


Restrictions still in place at Jasper Ridge are:

  • Vaccinations are required for all non-Stanford visitors (also generally for Stanford affiliates but guidelines in place at Stanford allow for rare exceptions)

  • Stanford employees, students and visitors may not come to campus or enter campus buildings if they feel unwell or exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19

  • Stanford community members and invited visitors who test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of visiting campus and entering a campus building MUST notify the university. Non-employees or designates may notify the university by submitting the General COVID-19 Case Reporting Form.

  • Face-coverings must still be worn in classroom spaces as noted above.

No longer required are: 

  • Tour participants (and docents who come on site) no longer have to provide a health attestation, either verbally or on-line.

  • Density restrictions (except for fire capacity enforcement) or social distancing are no longer required.

  • Use of face-coverings outside of classroom or transportation settings are no longer required (please note Caltrans has their own policy which requires masking)

  • Note face-coverings are still required in classroom settings but face-coverings can be removed when speaking

  • Access to Sun Field Station is no longer restricted. People without a SUNET id can now enter the building as in pre-pandemic days.

  • Daily submission of Health Check for fully vaccinated individuals is no longer required.

  • Visitor restrictions (other than those in place for minors etc.) are lifted, except as np

  • Submission of daily visitor attestation forms for volunteers, invited visitors, event attendees, or any members of the general public are no longer required.

Optional Dependent on Individual Docent Preference:

  • Docents may still feel free to instruct their tour participants according to their own comfort level as to the use of face-coverings and social distancing on tours you lead.

  • Docents may ask for proof of vaccination for visitors on tours but are not required to do so.