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Tour protocols at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve during COVID 19 restrictions

Tour protocols at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve during COVID 19 restrictions



Docents and docent-led tour visitors must verify they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  See this link for what constitutes verification of vaccination.


  • All docent visits must be scheduled in advance using the JRBP Contact Us web form
  • For verifying your vaccination status: If you have a SUNET ID, upload a digital copy of your vaccination card to Stanford Health portal here.  If you do not have a SUNET ID, show any Jasper Ridge staff member a copy of your documentation at your earliest convenience.
  • If you have not uploaded a copy of your vaccination documentation on the Stanford Health portal, on the day of your visit you must provide a Health Attestation. This can be done in three ways.
    1. If you have a SUNET ID, use the Stanford Health portal.
    2. If you do not have a SUNET ID, use the on-line Health Attestation
    3. You can print out a paper copy of the Health Attestation, fill it out, and leave it in the box provided just inside the Main Gate or on the shelf by the restrooms.
  • If you have uploaded your vaccination documentation so it is on record at Stanford, you do not have to do the health attestation on the day of the visit.
  • Sign the Jasper Ridge waiver on your first visit of the year. Leave the waivers in the box provided just inside the main gate.
  • Docents should adhere to the JRBP COVID-prevention protocols for tours.


Docent-led tours are now offered at Jasper Ridge under conditions listed below and in conformance with applicable San Mateo County and Stanford University health protocols.  

  • Verification of COVID-19 vaccination must be shown to the docent leading the tour before the tour commences.  Visitors who do not have this documentation cannot participate in the tour.
  • Group sizes are limited to 6 people, including the docent leading the tour.
  • Minimum age is 14.
  • Tours are confined to outside trails.
  • Tours will be separated by time (different times of day) and/or space (different trails, commencing in different areas)
  • Social distancing: Visitors who are not members of the same household should stay at least six feet apart. 
  • Face coverings: should comply with information given on the Stanford Health Alerts face covering website or with existing Jasper Ridge protocols, whichever are more restrictive. As of July 29, Jasper Ridge protocols for visitors on docent-led tours are:
    • All visitors (vaccinated or not) must wear face coverings in classrooms.
    • For fully vaccinated visitors, face coverings are optional outdoors, at the discretion of the tour guide. 
    • All visitors should have a face covering with them to be readily available if the tour guide advises wearing of face coverings. Some trails are narrow at Jasper Ridge and in these places maintaining a six-foot distance may be not be practical.  In these instances your tour guide may ask you to wear a face covering.
  • Entry into Sun Field Station is allowed only for people who have a valid Stanford id (e.g., a SUNET id). For others, entry is not allowed into buildings, except the restrooms located outside the main entrance to Sun Field Station. Only one person at a time should occupy a rest room. Signage just outside the restrooms is being using to limit usage to one person at a time. If the restroom sign indicates it is “free,” rotate the sign to “occupied” and then go in; rotate it back after you leave. Please wash hands thoroughly both upon entry and upon leaving, and wipe down all door, faucet, and toilet handles and any other surfaces that are touched. Paper towels and sanitizer are located in each restroom.
  • Only healthy individuals can participate in tours. Visitors will be required to verbally attest to the Health Check when they arrive on site. Docents will record only your name, contact information, and result of your attestation.
  • If a visitor tests positive within 10 days of being onsite, they must complete the General COVID-19 Case Reporting Form.
  • Additional information for visitors coming to Stanford is available on HealthAlerts.
  • Prior to the tour, visitors should familiarize themselves with the health and safety risks at Jasper Ridge. These can be viewed here:
  • All tour participants must sign the waiver for visiting Jasper Ridge and agree to the terms below.

Acknowledgement of following the protocols noted above (this is in addition to the standard waiver for visiting Jasper Ridge).

  • I have read and understand the above requirements for participating in a docent-led tour at Jasper Ridge.
  • I agree to conform to these requirements for the entire time they are in effect.
  • I understand that camera systems in operation in Jasper Ridge buildings and in the field are in use to help monitor physical distancing and help keep everyone safe.
  • I agree to comply with Stanford University’s policy of mandatory self-reporting of illness or positive test results for COVID-19, and will seek guidance from Tony Barnosky or a staff member he designates if I need help complying.

Signature and date:



N.B. These requirements are subject to change as University requirements evolve.