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Congratulations to the New Class of Jasper Ridge Docents

2018 Jasper Ridge docents (photo credit: Klaus Porzig)

The June 7th JRBP picnic marked the end of the 2017-18 academic year at Jasper Ridge and the graduation of the 2018 docents who were cheered by an enthusiastic crowd as they kazooed Pomp and Circumstance and received their Jasper Ridge hats!  The ceremony was the culmination of the two-quarter course Ecology and Natural History of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (Bio/Earthsys 105). Taught by Rodolfo Dirzo, Cindy Wilber, and a host of guest lecturers from the Stanford community and beyond, the course is unique in its hands-on approach that immerses Stanford students ranging from freshman to PhD students with community members in fieldwork and classroom activities.  A hallmark of the course is designing and carrying out research projects and learning how to effectively communicate discoveries, which equips students to become effective teachers about nature and its offerings while at the same time building a sense of community. Graduates become the docents who lead tours of the preserve for the public. This year’s research projects spanned a broad swath of topics: hummingbirds, fish, worms, plants, environmental DNA, soundscapes, perceptions of nature, photographic comparisons of past and present landscapes, and a podcast about what makes Jasper Ridge special, to name a few. 

Class of 2018 docents: Welcome! We are thrilled you are now part of the JRBP community! 

The docent class of 2018 consists of the 21 individuals listed below.  

Caroline Bamberger,   Undergrad
Mireille Bejjani,   Undergrad
Marianne Cowherd,   Undergrad
Dan Cryan,   Undergrad
Emily Dial,   Undergrad
Yu He,   PhD candidate
Jessie Kaull,   Undergrad
Lia “Bear” Kim,   Undergrad
Catherine Magill,   Community
Maggie McGraw,   Undergrad
Jordana Meyer,   PhD candidate
Casey Mullins,   Undergrad
Gabriela Nagle,   Undergrad
Hanna Payne,   Undergrad
Klaus Porzig,   Community
Armando Rojas,   Undergrad
Judith Santano,   Undergrad
Gabi Saiz,   Undergrad
Katharina Stromeyer,   Community
Mireille Vargas,   Undergrad
Maria Viteri,   PhD candidate