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The Covid Chronicles: Week 1 of Virtual Jasper Ridge

Grinding rock at Jasper Ridge

As we all began to shelter in place on March 17, Jorge Ramos began tweeting day-by-day about nature going about its business at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.  If you are already on Twitter, you can find his daily posts at @stanfordjrbp.  If you're not, we'll be bringing you weekly summaries here!

For all of us at JRBP, these virtual glimpses are a reminder of how nature reboots in our absence, and how we might also use this pause in normal activities to hit the reset button ourselves and reflect on what's important in each of our lives.  We hope that Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve continues to be a source of comfort in this strange virtual world we're now inhabiting, and are all looking forward to the day when we can hike the trails together again.  Meanwhile, we'll be bringing you virtual opportunities to keep our community together even as we must physically distance. 

These weekly Twitter summaries are but one way of doing that. So, without further ado, enjoy Week 1 of the JRBP Covid Chronicles, in which we acknowledge the legacy of the Muwekma Ohlone as the original inhabitants of this special place, and learn about eagles, turkeys, oaks, deer, and yes ... jasper!