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Jasper Ridge featured in "Your Daily Poem"

Searsville reservoir

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is home not only to world-class science, but also offers right-brain inspiration to a wide variety of photographers, artists, and writers. This month one of those writers, Kevin Arnold of Palo Alto, was honored by having a poem he wrote about Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve published on-line at the webstie Your Daily Poem. Kevin wrote "The Colors of Jasper Ridge," printed below, as part of a Stanford Continuing Studies class he took at the preserve in October 2019, Nature Writing at Jasper Ridge. The class was taught by award-winnng author Lynn Stegner.  Congratulatons Kevin, and thanks for sharing the beauty of Jasper Ridge through the beauty of your words.

The Colors of Jasper Ridge

You can find occasional dabs of red
Or bright yellow, often a wildflower.
In August or September, perhaps
A pink Naked Lady, a Belladonna.
And you can search out some blue,
Although you won’t find a shade
That can compete with the sky.
Which, today, gets darker overhead.
There’s brown soil and bark, and
Sand by the lake and on the trails,
But no color on the preserve
Can compare with the greens.
On far horizons or next to the trail, 
Evergreens don’t seem to change.
In the fall, the green oaks may turn
Vivid red surrounded by verdant grass. 
Perhaps you’ll see a white serviceberry
Near a yellowish-green boxelder or
Blueish-green chaparral backgrounding 
A black and orange butterfly on wing.

-Kevin Arnold