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JRBP's 2015-16 annual report and photo gallery

California newt (Taricha torosa) from front cover of JRBP annual report

Our annual report recaps the year at JRBP in words, pictures, maps, and figures, and is available to view or download. With essays and quotes from more than a dozen contributors, three dozen new photographs, a list of the year's publications and honors theses, and a financial summary, the report is a window on the year's accomplishments and transitions in leadership. Annual reports from previous years are also available to download.

We are grateful to all those who submitted photos of Jasper Ridge for potential use in this year's Annual Report. Though we couldn't include all of them in the report, the compilation so nicely portrays many facets of JRBP that we have posted them for you to view and enjoy. 

We close this year with heartfelt thanks to the entire JRBP community for helping make Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve a premier facility for discovery and training the next generation of environmental leaders. We wish you a very happy new year!