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Searsville Watershed Restoration Project


The event is now at capacity, docents have received their link in their email. Please visit the project website to stay up to date with upcoming events: 


Searsville Watershed Restoration Project

Tom W. Zigterman, Senior Director of Water Resources & Civil Infrastructure, Stanford University, and Karla Traynor Smith, Senior Project Manager, Stanford University

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 4:30 PM (PT) ZOOM Meeting

Stanford University is proposing to implement the Searsville Watershed Restoration Project to restore and enhance this watershed. The Searsville Watershed Restoration Project involves: reestablishing natural free-flowing creeks and sediment transport processes; fish passage through a tunnel to be constructed through the base of the dam; restoring streams and riparian habitats immediately upstream of the dam; flushing a substantial amount of sediment currently trapped behind the dam; and replacing the surface water diversion and storage capacity through modifications to the downstream San Francisquito Creek Pump Station and Felt Reservoir. This will transform the area of the current Searsville reservoir into a confluence valley, with free-flowing streams and riparian habitat. This project will also allow for sediment to be transported to the bay where it will help restore natural functions and fortify the shoreline. 


Visit the Searsville Watershed Restoration Project website to learn more.