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SHARE Title IX Program

Hikers on trail at Jasper Ridge

SHARE Title IX Program


SHARE Title IX Office

Carley Jaskulski, Director of Prevention Education for Students in the SHARE Title IX Office will lead a discussion on how to create a safe and inclusive environment at Jasper Ridge. 

Saturday, April 15, 2023

9-11 AM

Sun Field Station, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

To access the video after the training please see directions below and a list of resources.

Outline of video:
 As a follow up, please visit the SHARE Title IX office for additional materials on 1) Dealing with sexual harassment, 2) Faculty and Supervisor Checklist, 3) Creating a culture of respect, 4) Our role as a responsible employee, 5) Transgender Rights in the Workplace and 6) Additional FAQs. Carley and Marti Jo also shared this 2021 publication "Safe fieldwork strategies for at-risk individuals, their supervisors and institutions" that specifically addresses how to be an inclusive field station with specific examples from marginalized communities.