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Jasper Ridge Faculty Advisory Committee

A committee of Stanford faculty and graduate students that provides high-level guidance on strategy and policy.

  • Tadashi Fuakmi - JRBP Faculty Director, Biology and Earth System Science

  • Barnabas Daru - Biology

  • Rodolfo Dirzo - Biology and Earth System Science

  • Jeff Dukes - Carnegie Institution for Science and Biology

  • David Freyberg - Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Nicole M. Ardoin - Social Science

  • Erin Mordecai - Biology

  • Deborah Sivas - Law

  • Paula Welander - Earth System Science

  • Lydia Villa - Graduate Student Representative, Biology

  • Carson Smith - Graduate Student Representative, Law

  • Jorge Ramos - JRBP Executive Director (ex-officio)

  • Adriana Hernandez - Associate Director for Research (ex-officio)


Jasper Ridge Coordinating Council

The JRCC is composed of individuals from Stanford and non-Stanford organizations representing the broad range of groups the preserve interacts with and provides advice and guidance to the executive director on significant management challenges facing the preserve.

  • Jessica Shors Appel - San Francisco Water Department

  • Shweta Bhatnagar - Office of Government Affairs

  • Rick DeBenedetti - Woodside Trail Club

  • Dennis DeBroeck - Peninsula Open Space Trust, Board  Chair; PIE Ranch, Board member, Retired Senior Corporate Partner, Fenwick & West LLP 

  • Kim Giuliacci - Woodside Fire Protection District

  • Mary Ellen Hannibal - Citizen science, nature writer

  • Jerry Hearn - Grassroots Ecology and Jasper Ridge docent

  • Laura Jones - Stanford LBRE Archaeology

  • Kelly Kline - Associate Vice President, Local Government Affairs

  • Alan Launer - Stanford LBRE, Conservation Program

  • Jackie Magno - Stanford University, DCI Program & Jasper Ridge neighbor

  • Betsy Morgenthaler - Jasper Ridge docent

  • Trish Mulvey - Palo Alto Community Volunteer

  • Helen Nuckolls - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

  • Diane Renshaw - Jasper Ridge docent

  • Heyward Robinson - Vice President, Oakbio Products, former mayor of Menlo Park and former Chairman, San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority

  • Jeanne Sedwick - Neighbor and Jasper Ridge docent

  • Anne Shulock - Assistant Vice President for the Arts, Stanford University

  • David Smernoff - Grassroots Ecology

  • Lynn Stegner - Stanford Continuing Studies Program, author, editor, and literary consultant

  • Karine Tokatlian - Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • Susan Witebsky - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

  • Eric Wright - Senior University Counsel, Stanford University

  • Jonathan Young - Presidio Trust

  • Tom Zigterman - Stanford University Water Resources & Civil Infrastructure

  • Jorge Ramos - JRBP Executive Director (ex-officio)

  • Adriana Hernandez - Associate Director for Research (ex-officio)

  • Tad Fukami - JRBP Faculty Director (ex-officio)