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Rekindling A Ruined Hearth: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey and Historical Research of the Zoology Cabin Site

Rekindling a ruined hearth: Preliminary results of archeological survey and historial research of the Zoology cabin site


Garrett Trask, M.A., Senior Archaeologist, Heritage Services, Stanford University

Over a century after the Zoology Cabin was tore down by the University, its stone fireplace still stands alone and ruined amongst the redwoods at Jasper Ridge. A group of Stanford Zoology faculty and students built the cabin in 1916. For ten years, it served as a field station for overnight stays on academic and recreational trips to the surrounding wilderness area that would eventually become Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. This talk presents preliminary findings from intensive historical research and archaeological survey of the Zoology Cabin site.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

4-5 PM Reception

5-6 PM Lecture & Q&A

Sun Field Station, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve