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Live Audio Stream

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The audio streaming setup consists of an outdoor electret microphone with a low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier. A Barix Instreamer analog-to-digital encoder, sampling at 44 KHz, streams MPEG-1, audio layer III (MP3) over internet protocol (IP) to Locus Sonus. The Instreamer uplinks to the internet via a Ruckus 7762 dual-radio A/N access point, part of the Preserve's outdoor wireless mesh network. Solar panels and sealed gel batteries currently provide power.

What's that bird?
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Listening tips

Birds can be heard throughout the day, although there is a lot more activity around dawn and dusk. Even at night it is usually possible to hear frogs, waterfowl and sometimes owls. The microphone can pick up birds far away, which will sound fainter. Headphones or external speakers can result in better audio quality. Speaker volume can be turned up - but nearby birds will be quite loud. The microphone site is adjacent to lake, woodland and wetland habitats.