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Bobcat photographed by a camera trap, with paired camera in background. View more photos by going to the first link (below right).


The consequences of mammal activity are nearly ubiquitous at JRBP; they include distinctive browse lines on vegetation, animal trails and tracks, scat, dens, and carcasses.

JRGCE map of whole-plot treatments. Red circles=heated; yellow=elev CO2; orange=heat+CO2; white=neither. 4 blocks have control plots for infrastructure, also indicated with white.


The Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment (JRGCE) studies the response of California grassland to 4 environmental factors changing globally--warming, nitrogen deposition, elevated carbon dioxide, and increased precipitation--applied in a full-factorial design.

Wind sensor array at Jasper Ridge


The Remote Winds art installation translates wind into light. This project connects visitors to the new McMurtry Building on the Stanford campus with the daily rhythm of air currents flowing off the Pacific, over the northern reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains and San Francisco Bay.